• AI In Use: What Can It Do?

    AI In Use: What Can It Do?

    With all the surrounding buzz about AI, it’s no surprise that it’s already being put to use across several industries. To better understand its use, in our last blog we tackled the question, “So… What Really Is AI?” In this blog we’ll expand on that answer by covering, surprisingly, only a few of the astounding…

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  • So… What Really Is AI?

    So… What Really Is AI?

    When you think AI, short for artificial intelligence, you might think futuristic robots, sentient machines, and metallic humanoids that clean your home and babysit the kids. Scary cool. These exciting and once only imaginable possibilities are soon to become our surreal realities. Thankfully, we’ve still got some time to wrap our heads around what these…

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  • Saving Main Street

    Saving Main Street

    Once upon a time on a strip of land near you, there sat a magical and bustling place. Magical, you ask? Yes, there was ice cream and cupcakes here. From ice cream parlors and bakeries to convenient stores and local computer repair stores, there was plenty to drool over. Here we’d find our goods, services,…

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  • Unplugging: Ideas For Summer

    Unplugging: Ideas For Summer

    I’m dating myself by admitting this, but unplugging wasn’t a thing when we were kids…mostly because we didn’t have anything from which to unplug. The Good ‘Ol Days We didn’t have cell phones, tablets, or computers. A few of us had Ataris but attention spans for simple games like River Raid or Frogger waned quickly.…

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  • Top 8 Reasons To Support Small Business

    Top 8 Reasons To Support Small Business

    In an internet age of nearly instant gratification of our wants & needs what would ever possess us to consider utilizing local services? As ardent supporters of small business, and in support of Small Business Month (May), we’ll happily share why. How do Small Businesses Help You? Every, single, customer matters to a small business.…

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  • Home Security System – The 7 Top Reasons You Need One

    Home Security System – The 7 Top Reasons You Need One

    Did you know that 85% of home burglaries are committed by people with brown hair? We made that up.  They’re usually wearing ski masks so we don’t know what their hair color is. There are many misconceptions about the need for home security like “My German Shepherd is all the protection I need”, or “I…

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  • Unplugging: Ideas for Fall

    Unplugging: Ideas for Fall

    Unplugging. It’s a thing. In the days of old people called it Tuesday. Our grandparents weren’t inundated with constant noise. They spent their days in relative silence. If they were lucky they had a radio that they all gathered around a few times a week to listen to a program. Their lives were simpler. Modern…

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  • Gamer Addiction and Summertime Fun

    Gamer Addiction and Summertime Fun

    So here we are, two thirds of the way through summer, and what have you done? Maybe the more important question to ask is, what have your children done this summer? There have been more beautiful days than I have been able to count thus far. Unfortunately for us working stiffs, most of us are…

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