Did you know that 85% of home burglaries are committed by people with brown hair?

Brown haired burglar, jumping your fence. They’re wily…

We made that up.  They’re usually wearing ski masks so we don’t know what their hair color is.

There are many misconceptions about the need for home security like “My German Shepherd is all the protection I need”, or “I live in a safe neighborhood”. But those statements give you a false sense of security.

Some burglars carry mace or other weapons that could disable your dog & while there may be “safer” neighborhoods, there are no communities that are immune to break-ins.

We’d like to present you with real, researched facts about home security and how it can help protect your family & your home.

Here’s our list of the Top 7 Reasons You Need a Home Security System.

1. To deter criminals.

This one may seem obvious…because it is.  You would expect cameras to be a deterrent.

But did you know that a University of North Carolina survey found that:

83% of convicted burglars stated that they would first check if an alarm or camera was present before they burgled?

And that 60% said if a security system were present, they’d move on to a different house?

It’s akin to when your mom used to yell at you through her teeth while holding a wooden spoon.  Really made you rethink your decision to be naughty didn’t it?

That’s a lot of trouble right there…*shudders*

2. To catch the neighbor kid when they steal your plants…again.

Or catch the drunk neighbor when he hits your mailbox with his motorcycle…again. 

Dear drunk neighbor: May we offer an alternative to mowing down our mailbox?

Stats? We figure we don’t need research to back up this one since a camera’s very purpose is to record pictures, but we’ll supply some anecdotal evidence anyway.

A friend of ours spent entirely too much money on two huge potted ferns for their front stoop. The plants were stolen in the night. They replaced them.

They were stolen again.

Undeterred, they bought the expensive ferns again.

You’ll never guess what happened next….yup. Stolen.

Our friend finally got a security camera, took footage to the neighbor kid’s mom, and out came the wooden spoons and the wails!

And the drunk neighbor mowing down our mailbox?

We can’t prove it…yet. We haven’t found any tracks in the lawn leading to his garage since we installed cameras. But if he does it again, we’re telling his mom too.

3. To Protect Your Investment.

You wouldn’t leave your coach bag or cell phone or even your favorite watch sitting on your lawn for anyone to take would you?  Because that’s what your home is doing. Sitting on your lawn. Unprotected.

Your home: your most prized possession.

Homes are expensive. We probably don’t need to back this one up, but here’s a little quote from Forbes “Home equity is the largest asset for most Americans, far outpacing average investable assets for most people…”

Your biggest investment deserves a security system.

4. To monitor your home from wherever you are.

Whether you’re stuck in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, at a game, work, or on vacation, you can check on your home – right from your phone. 

According to market research group Nielsen, people spend an average of over 11 hours a day staring at electronic screens.

Instead of melting your brain with the latest facebook posts or cat videos, do something productive…spend a few minutes on home security.

Which leads us…

6. To keep an eye on younger children or elderly/aging parents

I still remember the first time my mom left my brother & I home alone. She did a trial run to the corner store for ten minutes, just to see how we’d do.

She came home to two kids, a kitchen & a dog covered in flour with a fire raging out of the gas range while a creepy kidnapper hiding in the bushes looked on.

That didn’t happen. We were good kids. And the creepy kidnapper was busy fixing his windowless creeper van that day.

But I bet that’s the type of scenario that was running through her mind the whole time she was gone.

These days, moms with a camera system don’t have to be worried whether or not a cataclysmic event is occurring while they run to the store.

Moms don’t just have eyes in the backs of their heads anymore…now they have eyes everywhere.

While we’re talking about monitoring your kids….let’s talk about the other end of the age spectrum.

Your parents may be having way too much fun without you…

Aging is inevitable & whether you’re caring for your parents in your home or just need to be able to check on them in their own, cameras can be a lifesaver.

According to the National Counsel on Aging, one in four people aged 65 or older falls each year. If they can’t reach a phone, regular camera checks could save a life.

Which leads us to the greatest reason to have a home security system.

7. For Peace of mind.

I asked a customer what the number one thing her home security system did for her. She said “This may sound weird, but it reduces my anxiety. I know I can check on the kids & the house at any time and know everything is ok”.

A home security system isn’t just security for your home…it’s a feeling of security for you.

Stress affects the majority of adult Americans. According to the American Psychological Association, that majority reached 77% if us in 2014.

A home security system is a small price to pay to protect your family, your home, your possessions, to reduce your stress…. for peace of mind.

If you’re in the Northampton, PA or the surrounding Lehigh Valley area and are interested in a self-monitored home security camera system, DRC Technologies has you covered.

Contact us or take a look at our Security page for more information.

– Shannie

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