• AI In Use: What Can It Do?

    AI In Use: What Can It Do?

    With all the surrounding buzz about AI, it’s no surprise that it’s already being put to use across several industries. To better understand its use, in our last blog we tackled the question, “So… What Really Is AI?” In this blog we’ll expand on that answer by covering, surprisingly, only a few of the astounding…

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  • So… What Really Is AI?

    So… What Really Is AI?

    When you think AI, short for artificial intelligence, you might think futuristic robots, sentient machines, and metallic humanoids that clean your home and babysit the kids. Scary cool. These exciting and once only imaginable possibilities are soon to become our surreal realities. Thankfully, we’ve still got some time to wrap our heads around what these…

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  • Technology during COVID-19: Triumphs & Failures

    Technology during COVID-19: Triumphs & Failures

    As a tech company, we closely watched technology during COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve discovered both triumphs & failures, and we’d like to share our discoveries with you so that together, we might learn how to better navigate and thrive in the current world. It’s been said that for every hardship, there is a lesson learned. And…

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